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Adult Entitlement to Learning

If you want to improve your job prospects by gaining more qualifications you can obtain free tuition through Adult Entitlement to Learning
What is the Adult Entitlement to Learning scheme?

This scheme is available for adults who are over the age of 19 who don't have very many qualification. Through this scheme you will receive free tuition on certain courses, such as maths and reading courses and vocational courses at levels 2 and 3.

Am I eligible to apply for free tuition?

The eligibility criteria are as follows:

How do I apply for the Adult Entitlement to Learning?

You will need to find out whether there is a suitable course locally and find out whether you are eligible to apply. Staff at your local college will be able to offer further advice about the application procedure if you are eligible.

Where can I find more information about Adult Entitlement to Learning?

More information can be obtained from the National Careers Service. More information about funding for further and higher education can be obtained from Student Cash: A Directory of Learning Funding Sources.