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Help with school travel expenses

Buss passes and concessionary fares for school children in England, Scotland and Wales for parents on low incomes and those living in rural areas

This scheme is available to help parents meet the cost of travel to school for their children. Although local authorities can set their own eligibility criteria, there are certain qualifying rules that are used across the United Kingdom, as detailed below.

How much money is available to help with travel expenses?

Most schemes provide a free travel pass to use on public transport to and from school for qualifying pupils. If your child does not qualify for free travel, your local authority may run a concessionary scheme that enables your child to use school transport at a reduced price.

Is my child eligible to receive help with travel expenses?

In general, you will have to meet one of the following conditions to qualify:

Are there any others ways to get help with travel expenses?

You might be able to receive help with travel expenses if any of the following apply:

Which schools qualify for help with travel expenses?

Your child must be attending a 'qualifying school'. This could include a maintained, voluntary, community, foundation or special school. It will not include independent schools. Special circumstances may apply to religious or faith schools, so contact your local authority direct for more information.

How do I apply for help with transport costs?

Application forms are available from your local authority or can be downloaded from their website. Some schools will also hold copies of application forms.

Where can I get more information about help with travel?

Contact your local authority direct to find out what scheme is available in your area and to find out whether you are eligible for financial help through this scheme.